Neurofeedback Can Help End Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Feeling anxious can be a common occurrence for many people. However, for those people who suffer from anxiety attacks, it can disrupt their whole life.  The loss of control, feelings of fear, and constant nagging anxiety can make it difficult to lead a normal, productive life.

Neurofeedback Can Eliminate These Symptoms – Permanently.

The good news is that the debilitating symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks can now be eliminated using an all-natural technology known as neurofeedback training. We can help you experience relief and regain control of your life!

Our patient, Donna shares her anxiety experience:

I`m doing goals more than I ever thought I could!

How does Neurofeedback End Panic Attacks?

Neurofeedback training is a technology that uses your own brain`s natural ability to learn in order to teach it to work in a calmer, more balanced way. Anxiety and panic attacks are frequently linked to an elevated level of Beta brainwaves on the right side of the brain. Through neurofeedback training, this Beta brainwave imbalance can be reduced, and brought into line with the other brainwaves, allowing the brain to be more calm and harmonious.

What Happens In A Typical Training Session?

First, brain mapping is done to get a baseline of your brainwave activity. This is a painless procedure and takes about twenty minutes. The results allow us to determine which areas of the brain are imbalanced and if they are related to your panic attack symptoms. Once this is done, a personalized training protocol to correct these imbalances can be created.

Neurofeedback sessions last about 30 minutes and are a relaxing experience, during which the patient watches a movie or video of their own choosing. Two small sensors, lightly placed on the scalp, will measure the brainwave output in real-time. The data collected by the sensors is immediately used to “feedback” changes in the audio and visual components of the video.

This feedback causes the brain to re-focus on the video. Each time this happens, new neural connections are forming in the brain. These new, healthier neural pathways result in better brainwave balance, and in many cases can eliminate the cause of your anxiety and panic attacks!

Reduce Your Anxiety Attacks Now, And Long Into The Future

Neurofeedback training produces long-lasting changes in brainwave generation. This new, balanced way of thinking will last long after your last training session itself. Much like riding a bicycle, once your brain has learned this new, calmer way of thinking, it stays with you. Because the training is all-natural, there are no side effects. Just relief from your anxiety and panic attacks!

Find out today how neurofeedback can help you or your loved ones

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