While working as a registered nurse (RN), I became aware of the challenges faced by victims of intimate partner violence.  These experiences inspired me to volunteer within the mental health community and eventually obtain a Masters Degree in Social work and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

I have a passion for working with survivors of intimate partner violence.

While working in private practice, it became apparent that talking through issues was vitally important, but often was not enough to resolve lingering symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, attention/focus problems and sleep issues.  My patients were suffering and it felt as though relief was not happening fast enough.  I became passionate about researching and utilizing as many non-medicinal, effective interventions as possible with the ultimate goal of having my patients experience relief, and ultimately freedom, from whatever was distressing them.

I researched all possible options.

My research led me to a number of clinicians who were utilizing a form of brain training called neurofeedback.  These clinicians reported that their patients were feeling better and their patients’ symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, and depression were resolving. Neurofeedback, which is considered a form of learning known as operant conditioning, had been studied and practiced for over 50 years. Learning how to apply neurofeedback in my practice became my new passion.

I became nationally certified in neurofeedback training.

After researching neurofeedback and discovering the numerous reports of positive results, I decided to complete the education necessary to utilize this training with my patients.  I mentored with Dr. Richard Souter, a leading professional in the field of neurofeedback, and studied for two years to become nationally board certified in neurofeedback.

My patients experience positive results with neurofeedback.

Following my training, I began implementing neurofeedback in my own practice.  I am able to integrate neurofeedback with my training as an RN and psychotherapist to address a multitude of symptomatology and help my patients get their lives back on track and feel joyfully alive.  My patients, who range in age from 5 – 95 years old, report improvement in their interpersonal relationships, anxiety, depression, and other struggles as they learn to regulate the way their brain produces brainwaves.  Seeing so many positive results makes it well worth the time and effort I put toward mastering neurofeedback training.  To many patients, neurofeedback feels like a miraculous intervention!