Put an End to Your Insomnia!

Insomnia, which can be either a difficulty falling asleep or waking up too early, (or both) affects millions of Americans. The CDC calls it a public health crisis with approximately 50-70 million Americans suffering some sort of sleep disorder. The chronic lack of sleep can cause people to be at a higher risk of diseases like hypertension and depression, and in severe cases, the loss of cognitive abilities can be debilitating. Highpoint Neurofeedback is pleased to offer neurofeedback training, a proven technology to help you return to your normal patterns of sleep without the use of medications.

What can cause chronic insomnia?

Typically, the loss of sleep can be related to an imbalance in the underlying brainwave patterns seen during a natural sleep cycle. These imbalances can be the result of trauma, both physical and psychological, and left untreated, can last years.

Can neurofeedback training help create better sleep patterns?


Today’s modern technology enables us to measure and observe the brainwave function in real-time. This process is called brain mapping, and it is used to analyze your brain function, to determine if an imbalance is causing your sleep disorder. Once we measure the brainwave patterns, a neurofeedback training protocol can be designed to correct them. The long-term goal is to train your brain to naturally transition smoothly from an awakened state to a sleeping state and stay there!

Good Sleep Is Important.

Mental functioning and physical performance can decrease significantly with inadequate sleep and can place you at an increased risk of illness. Poor sleep can result in fatigue, loss of concentration, increased moodiness and irritability, and sometimes even difficulties you’re your relationships. According to the National Sleep Foundation, most adults should get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night.

What Improvements Can I Expect With Neurofeedback Training?

Research shows neurofeedback can be an excellent tool in helping insomniacs learn to fall asleep and stay asleep. Over 1800 certified neurofeedback providers utilize neurofeedback training to treat insomnia, and they report excellent results.

Even better, it is drug-free, pain-free, and non-invasive. That means there’s no risk of side effects. And, the improvements are long-lasting.

Find out today how neurofeedback can help improve your sleep today!

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