Patient Reviews

See how Neurofeedback has helped some of our patients.


Boehm’s Review

I am thrilled to leave a review regarding the progress of our children as a result of the Neurofeedback training program they experienced at HighPoint Neurofeedback.

My 11 year old son struggled with sleep and now wakes up in the morning fully rested. Before coming in for Neurofeedback training, my son had trouble focusing and sitting down to read. His reading tutor reported, “He can read for 20 minutes straight. He was never able to do that before… Amazing!”

My 14 year old son who struggled with speech is now speaking with much more clarity and others are able to understand him better. He hardly spoke due to his discomfort with speaking. I quote my 14 year old son: “I can talk to my friends with confidence! I don’t have to think so much before I speak.”

Thank you Dr. Schick, Honey Sterzer RN, LCSW, BCN, Director and HighPoint Neurofeedback staff for helping our children’s confidence in speech, concentration, reading, and everything else that came along.

We are now excited to start Neurofeedback for our 7 and 9 year old daughters.