Live life PTSD Free!

PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, may be caused by a wide variety of traumatic events.  There is no single situation or event that causes PTSD.  Sufferers of PTSD may have experienced a traumatic illness, abuse, military conflict, assault, or any other traumatic event or series of events.

Just because you have endured or survived a traumatic event does not mean you have to live with the long-lasting symptoms of PTSD.  We can help you live your life PTSD-free!

Neurofeedback provides an opportunity for freedom!

Traumatic events and the resulting PTSD changes the normal neural pathways in the brain.  These changes create symptoms that we may recognize as anxiety and depression.  The change in neural pathways also creates imbalances which can be measured using qEEG (quantitative electroencephalogram) or a brain map.  Brain mapping identifies areas of the brain that have been affected by trauma and allows us to create a brain training program designed for each individual patient.

These individualized neurofeedback programs retrain the brain to create better, more efficient neural pathways.  These pathways then allow the brain to self-regulate and balance brain waves throughout the brain.  Balanced brainwaves mean fewer PTSD symptoms and a reduction, and sometimes complete elimination, of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Neurofeedback patients often report that the first improvement they experience is more restful sleep.  As training continues, daily life improves as symptoms decrease.  Neurofeedback training effects are long-term, meaning once the brain has created the better pathways, the brain will use those pathways long into the future.

Training sessions are pain and drug-free!

Neurofeedback is a pain-free, drug-free brain training program.  While painlessly monitoring brain waves, patients are shown a video.  The video affects the patient’s brainwaves and through real-time monitoring, we are able to adjust the video audio and visual outputs to change the way the brain reacts to the sound and images it is receiving.  This training exercises the brain, much like we exercise other muscles of the body, making the brain more efficient and effective.  Our short training sessions happen over the course of time, building the brain’s neural pathways until the brain is operating in a more balanced way.

Studies show neurofeedback is an effective treatment for PTSD.

Through a randomized, controlled study we can see that neurofeedback training is a highly effective approach for patients of all ages, including children and adults.   Additional studies have been completed regarding the efficacy of neurofeedback training.  For more information, view these research studies.

We are ready to help free you from PTSD!

We offer free evaluations for new patients so we can decide together if neurofeedback training is right for you.  Contact us online or call (732) 249-9800 to speak with a staff member.