Neurofeedback Can Resolve Symptoms for ADD and ADHD

According to the CDC, over 6 million American children are suffering from the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Typically, these children are bright and intelligent but still struggle with managing their emotions, and find themselves easily distracted. Medications, while effective in many cases, don`t actually fix the underlying problem, and can lead to undesirable side effects. Neurofeedback works by improving the brain function itself, eliminating the cause of the ADD/ADHD symptoms naturally, producing long-term improvements.

Eric`s mom shares her ADHD experience:

My son is calmer, and has shown a big improvement in his social activities, as well as his schoolwork

Hear it in her own words:

How Does NeurofeedbackWork To Improve Your Brain Function?

Neurofeedback training helps by improving basic brain balance. Patients with ADD and ADHD often have an imbalance in Delta and Beta brainwaves. By improving the balance of these brainwave patterns, the patient is more able to think clearly. Even better, the training helps the brain develop new, healthier neural connections. These connections build over time into whole new neural pathways that are the key to improved focus, concentration, and behavior.

How Does A Normal Training Program Work?

Initially, the patient’s brainwave patterns are measured, using a Qeeg.  (quantitative electro-encephalogram) It is completely painless and involves scanning the brainwaves on the surface of the scalp using a nylon cap.

Once measured, the system then compares the brainwave activity to a database of established standards of brain function, to determine if there are any areas of imbalance that might be creating the symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Based on these results, we then create an individualized program to help the patient bring their brain into balance, and eliminate their ADD and ADHD symptoms.

A typical session of Neurofeedback is about 30 minutes long and is fun and relaxing. While watching a video, two small sensors are gently placed on the scalp so we can monitor brainwaves in real-time.  In response to these measurements, the audio and visual aspects of the video will alter slightly, giving the brain “feedback” which helps it learn to stay in balance.  Over time, the brain builds new, more efficient pathways and is able to maintain the balance on its own.

Long-Lasting Improvement

Remember when you first learned to swim? Or ride a bike? For most of us, that involved practice and repetition to get it right. However, once you learn, it is a skill that lasts a lifetime, regardless of how often you use it later on.

Neurofeedback training creates the same long-lasting neural pathways that you retain after learning a new life skill, such as cycling. Because the neural connections created during the training are permanent, the ADD and ADHD symptoms are reduced, or in many cases, eliminated – for the long term!

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