Eliminate The Symptoms Of PTSD!

Neurofeedback can help you get your life back.

Regardless of where it originates, the symptoms associated with PTSD can be life-altering. Whether it was childhood trauma, chronic illness, a severe accident, or possibly some kind of abuse, any of these events can cause you to suffer from anxiety, depression, loss of focus, and many of the other debilitating symptoms associated with PTSD. At Highpoint Neurofeedback, we can offer you all-natural, long-term relief from these symptoms, so you can feel like yourself once again.

How can neurofeedback training help with PTSD?

The events leading to PTSD can create unwanted alterations in the normal neural pathways in the brain. The symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, or insomnia, can be the result of these imbalances, caused by the trauma itself.

With neurofeedback, these imbalances can now be measured. This is done with the use of a computerized qEEG (quantitative electroencephalogram) or brain map. This map can reveal which areas of the brain have been affected, allowing us to create a personalized “brain training” protocol to help correct the imbalances left from the trauma.

Regain your ability to regulate your thoughts and emotions

Neurofeedback is designed to help retrain your brain to self-regulate. With time, the training can aid the imbalanced areas in the brain to improve, decrease, and sometimes eliminate the symptoms.  Just like physical exercise can improve your muscle tone, neurofeedback training can improve your brain function. Eventually, as your brain “gets back in shape” the PTSD symptoms improve as a natural result of a better-balanced brain.

Most of our patients report that the first sign of improvement is better, more restful sleep. As their training progresses, the normal activities of day-to-day life get easier as well. Best of all, the improvements remain for the long run. This is because neurofeedback helps the brain form new neural pathways that can remain in use for a lifetime.

Are there any studies that show this?

Many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of neurofeedback training. Most recently, a randomized, controlled study* showed neurofeedback training was a highly effective approach for adults and children experiencing PTSD


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